One of the most rewarding careers today is being a wedding planner. It is a good career option for those who wants to take a new career path or for those who are looking for other income-generating opportunities. It is really a satisfying profession, provided you have the necessary personality traits to do the job. It is satisfying in the sense that you could involve a lot of creativity and have as much fun in meeting the clients needs and wants, apart from the ultimate fulfillment of seeing big smiles from couples on their very special day.

But there is no easy job, as being a wedding planner can involve a lot of pressure. There are actually a lot of causes of pressure in this job, such as time pressure when your clients are on a tight schedule, when they have unusual, if not totally weird plans and requests, or simply when things didn’t work out the way you planned them to be. This job requires you to always think out of the box and also a lot of thinking on the feet while having your hands full of work.

Essentially, a wedding planner needs to have an eye for details. A wedding planner should have the skills and ingenuity to come up with bright ideas and have them realized the way they were planned in the most precise manner. This is very critical because if anything goes wrong during the preparation, the actual wedding day will turn out to be a disaster.

To be a wedding planner, the first thing that you should do is to learn more about the wedding consultants’ associations in you area. This association usually offers specialized training courses to prepare you for the challenges of being a wedding planner. Although there is no law requiring a wedding planner to have a formal training and certification, it is best to start your career as a wedding planner by enrolling in a training program that could arm you with all the knowledge and skills that could give you a good head start. If you decide to go for a formal training, expect to spend more or less $1,000 for the whole training program, plus hundreds more for initial capital.

After receiving formal training, it is then the time to spread the name of your new business. To start with, you would have to spend on promoting your business through advertisements, be it on print and online media. Think of creative ways to advertise your new business. If you have some cash to spare, you can always try advertising on known bridal magazines. But if you have a tight budget, the internet is always a good way to advertise your services, either by advertising on job sites or posting on your country’s local forum.Aside from that, this career would also require you to spend on setting up an office, so as to give an image that your not just a fly-by-night consultant out to break your clients dreams and pockets. The costs for both of these can vary very widely and you will have to work with your budget in mind in deciding about the details of starting up and running your career as a wedding planner.